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Bring the Truth of the Gospel to a Lost and Hurting Nation

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LCI desires to win America back to Christ by teaching the uncompromised truths of the Bible.
Inspiring Christians from all denominations to boldly move away from the main-stream religious ideologies and embrace the power of the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit flowing through the atmosphere.
We are using a variety of media outlets, speaking engagements, crusades, bible study, one on one ministry and publications to accomplish our goal of winning millions into the Kingdom of God.

Helping families of all backgrounds and nationalities to bridge the gap of broken relationships. Overcome the pain of abuse, addictions, and past mistakes by the healing Power of God’s Word.

LCI partners with churches and other ministries to share God’s love in tangible ways to America’s own hurting people. Many Americans are finding themselves on the streets, facing hunger, out of work and need to know someone cares. Help us in providing food, clothing and programs that enable people to raise up from their pain and break the cycle of poverty in their life.

+ Hurting Children
+ Prison

How Can You Be Saved?

To be saved means to know God. We must understand there is a difference in knowing God and knowing about God.

When you are saved you don’t just know about God, you have a personal relationship with the Creator of all things.

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