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Drugs – Alcohol – Food – Sex – Smoking – Gambling – Compulsive Spending

Addiction at its core is rebellion against God

Addiction is a physical or psychological dependence on a substance or activity to cope with life. Addiction can be misunderstood to many as it is thought of as a condition that leaves you incapable of performing every day tasks. When in reality the behavior can be anywhere from continual to occasional. Addicts have a tendency to live in denial and blame others for their problems and refuse to take responsibility.
Deep emotional wounds or abuse are usually what begin the behavior and ultimately place a barrier between us and the only one who is capable of healing and restoring our brokenness and pain. One way to gauge your addiction is by your tolerance level and your need when you go through a problem.
Addictions make people a victim of their own desires and destroy families, friendships, reputations, and careers. God has given all things richly for us to enjoy, but Satan and his army work tirelessly to take God’s blessings and twist them into evil. Addiction keeps you trusting in yourself to meet your own needs and denying God’s sovereignty. Freedom is found when you surrender your addiction to Christ and trust God will meet your needs.

Scriptures to Help you Overcome:

Take Authority Over Your Life

God’s Word gives us practical guidelines on how to rid ourselves of addictions or negative behavior. We must get real with ourselves and be honest about why we do the things we do.
Walk away from blame, take responsibility. Surrender our heart to Jesus Christ, including our emotions and thoughts. Trust God to provide for us emotionally and stop blaming Him for the pain and past
Satan and his army are the ones who bring destruction. Jesus came to heal, restore and make perfect provision for us. God won’t take our pain and problems, we must give them to Him.

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The mission of Life Change International is world-wide evangelism. We purpose to take the uncompromised truth of the Gospel to all nations while fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ. (
Mark 13:10) Through the anointing and divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we bring revelation knowledge of the power of the resurrection that is still present in our world today.

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