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Everyone Has to Deal with it.

Are we acting in a way that is healthy or destructive when we get angry?
At times, we get angry because our “personal rights” are being violated. Personal rights are rules we set for ourselves and then expect others to follow.
It is important that we surrender our personal rights to God. Jesus is interested in having a personal relationship based on love. In this act of surrender, we show love to God by choosing for Him to be our protector, helper, and just in dealing with us and others.
Anger can give us the sense of feeling in control, but when we give God “our rules”, then it gives Him permission to be in control of our life and allows God the responsibility to take care of us and our problems.
Recognizing our personal rights enables us to identify the areas of our heart we haven’t yet surrendered. We encourage you to make a list of what makes you angry.
It is not enough to surrender, we must replace our behavior with Godly characteristics and ask the Holy Spirit to be our teacher to help guide us in developing new inward qualities.
In battling anger, we must not make excuses to justify irresponsible behavior, nor do we need to confuse personal rights from personal responsibility.

Scriptures on Anger:

Anger Must Be Ruled or it Will Rule

Uncontrolled anger quickly becomes destructive. When we allow God , by His Word, to help us identify our anger and take positive action, anger becomes a servant rather than a master.
We must deal with anger quickly, seeking to resolve differences with others respectfully.
Anger can be deeply rooted due to abandonment, abuse, or destructive thinking, and we must be reassured Jesus will restore our hurts as we allow Him to operate within our life.
Unforgiveness from our past can prevent us from receiving complete victory over our anger.
If we are going to effectively manage our anger, we must grow and mature in the attributes of God’s Spirit; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

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The mission of Life Change International is world-wide evangelism. We purpose to take the uncompromised truth of the Gospel to all nations while fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ. (
Mark 13:10) Through the anointing and divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we bring revelation knowledge of the power of the resurrection that is still present in our world today.

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